Virtual Reality

Will Virtual Reality Change Your Life?

For years, virtual reality (also known as VR) hasn’t lived up to the hype. However, with the debut of the Oculus Rift, a VR system, it seems that a promising future for VR has arrived.

If you’re like me, you could do with or with VR. However, many members of the Emerging Media program live and die by VR and the potential it holds for the future. And I’ll admit… it’s pretty exciting to think about.

To quote Rolling Stone Magazine, “VR makes the impossible possible by tricking your eyes, and brain, into thinking you’re someplace else.”

Since many of our EM group are “knee deep” in the VR world (Chalen Duncan and Eric Daniel are so into VR, in fact, they are creating a VR space game as part of their capstone project), you will probably see many more post about virtual reality floating around this blog. Much more exciting that this post for sure. However, to get the topic kicked off, here is a little hype video they created as well as a link to a Rolling Stone Magazine VR article, and links to the Emerging Media “Techknowledgeable” postcast and Twitter page where they will be diving a little deeper into the digital world.



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