MEMELOCAL - Grace Ferzely



By: Grace Ferzely

The culture of Athens, Georgia seems ever-changing; the continuous rotation of college students never ceases. But you only need to look to the Athens meme accounts, and their account administrators (or ‘meme admins’ as referred to in internet culture) to find a common culture in this surreal, transient town.

If you’re an Athenian between the ages of 15 and 30 chances are high you’ve seen one of these local memes. The two prominent meme accounts in town, both run through Instagram, have become popular within the past year among UGA students, young adults, and elusive townies.

The first account, started in February 2016, is called Classic City Memes and posts off-beat commentary ranging from the influx of student housing downtown to the crucial difference between the two Agua Linda restaurants. This account is run anonymously by a former UGA law student and practicing Athens lawyer.


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