Course Descriptions

NMIX 6110 New Media Production

New Media Production provides a solid foundation of technical skills that students can build upon for the rest of their careers. In a workshop environment, students learn how to design and develop web products that function effectively with multiple platforms (desktop computers, cellphones, tablets, etc.) and are introduced to coding languages including PHP, MYSQL,  Jquery, HTML, CSS, WordPress and Bootstrap.
Online, Summer (Thru-Session)

Taught by the New Media Institute


JRMC 7010 Digital Media Design & Aesthetics

Students develop knowledge of theory in graphic design, visual persuasion, and aesthetics, and apply these concepts to a series of projects, prototypes, and storyboards working in the software of their choice. Students also critically evaluate the work of contemporary developers and designers from a visual communication perspective.

Residential, Fall, M 5:45P to 8:45P
Taught by John Weatherford (NMI)


JRMC 7011 Project Management and Innovation

Students learn techniques of innovation brainstorming and visualization in ways that enable executable emerging media solutions to business problems and growth. This includes key components of project management: project integration, project scope and scalability management, project time and cost management, quality management, human resource considerations, communications, risk management, and procurement management.

Residential, Fall, W 5:45P to 8:45P
Taught by Chris Gerlach (NMI)


JRMC 7012 Digital Media Storytelling

Regardless of the medium, creators need to be good storytellers. This course explores emerging media storytelling both from theoretical and practical perspectives. Students investigate concepts such as transmedia, interactivity, and convergence while experimenting with storytelling methods in the digital medium of choice.

Residential, Spring, M 2:30P to 5:30P
Taught by Dr. Shira Chess (EMST) & Dr. Ivanka Pjesivac (Jour)


JRMC 7015 Emerging Media Capstone

The completion and presentation of a fully formed new media system, technology, or product. Students work on this project from the beginning of their program. During this semester, they finalize and present their efforts.

Residential, Fall (MW 4:40P to 6:35P) or Summer (Thru-Session)
Taught by Megan Ward (NMI)


JRMC 8010 Media Research

Quantitative and qualitative methodologies of mass communication research, with emphasis on the research process, concepts and issues of research designs, and methods of data collection. Topics introduced include measurement, sampling, focus groups and interviewing, survey and experimental design, and data analysis.

Residential, Fall W 2:30P to 5:30P  
Taught by Dr. Michael Cacciatore (AdPR)


JRMC 8016 Media Interaction Design and Usability

Theoretical and applied considerations in interface design for user interaction. This course allows students experience in iterative design and prototyping for digital interfaces, and teaches students how to design based on empirical standards and usability considerations. Students learn how to design and conduct usability tests with human subjects and analyze the test results.

Residential, Spring W 1:25P to 4:25P

Taught by Dr. Grace Ahn (AdPR) or Bart Wjodyski (Jour)


ADPR 7750 Social Media Analytics, Listening, & Engagement

Business and technical activities using data analytics that allow emerging media companies to make better performance-enhancing decisions. These courses will equip students with necessary skills to measure, collect, analyze and report web data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing emerging media systems. Topics include Google Analytics, Crimson Hexagon, big data, data mining, and social monitoring.

Residential, Spring (M 10:10A to 1:10P)
Taught by Dr. Itai Himelboim (AdPR)


ADPR 7760 Digital and Social Communication Strategies

Students learn about the underlying technology and structure of emerging media platforms and how to employ strategy to make use of those platforms to achieve desired organizational goals and objectives. The course provides a survey of existing media platforms and those likely to emerge in the near future. Sections in this course include web, mobile, app development, Internet video, and social media. Students learn how to think strategically to determine and utilize products and platforms to reach desired audiences and have desired effects.

Residential, Fall M 1:25P to 4:25P

Taught by Dr. Karen Russell (AdPR)


Elective Courses


NMIX 6310 Rich Media Production

Rich Media Production Introduces students to native application development. Students learn the fundamentals of native application development for platforms such as iOS, tvOS, and watchOS with modern programming languages such as Swift. Students are introduced to object-oriented programming, MVC application design, IDEs such as Xcode,various frameworks and more.

Residential, Fall or Spring

Taught by Emuel Aldridge (NMI)


NMIX 5410 Advanced New Media Production

Information to Come.

TBD, Online, Taught by Emuel Aldridge (NMI)


JRMC 6000 Secondary Data Analysis

A course in the advantages and disadvantages of analyzing secondary data (data collected by others) for analytics and research, as well as the practical skills of identifying concepts to be measured, finding data that fit those concepts, downloading and cleaning data, putting data into a usable format, and analysis techniques. Emphasis on readily available public data.

Online, TBD

Taught by Dr. Barry Hollander (Jour)


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