Cannes Lions Festival – Day Two

Day two started off with a chat with Rich Levy, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Health, who took the time to speak to us about health advertising and gave us a glimpse into the type of work they do and how they are always striving to create the next best idea. It quickly became evident that the day would be centered around the idea that marketing is more than just selling an idea – it’s about portraying an emotion and bring people together.
Later, I went on to a talk called, “The Power of Storytelling to Touch People’s Hearts” with Flavio Machado of SRCOM, along with Vik Muniz and Daniela Thomas, Creative Directors for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Opening Ceremony and Olympic Opening Ceremony, respectively. With both of these events, they had to create a formula that guided their entire creative process, resilience + beauty + messaging = priceless emotional connection. I always knew that creativity had the power to change the world, yet I was astounded at how this ceremony was able to flip the emotional state of a nation suffering through scandals and crisis, in a few hours. The Paralympic Opening Ceremony had a bigger challenge, to change the way people view disabilities.
The ceremony did a tremendous job highlighting the strength of the human spirit and the things that tie us together. Through the ceremony, they had to create an identity that was independent from the main Olympic games, rather than a branch of it. These ceremonies proved that no matter the size of the budget, crisis surrounding you, political bureaucracy or logistical nightmares, there is a powerful story to be told, and it just might change an entire nation.

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