Cannes Lions Festival – Day Three

I can’t believe it’s already day three and now we go into Lions Innovation – definitely an interest of mine and the part of the festival that I was looking forward to the most. The day was a bit scattered, so there wasn’t really a central theme. But I attended an interesting talk called “The Biology of a Great Idea” with Adam Horowitz of MIT, Moran Cerf of the Kellogg School of Management, and Ben Tritt, CEO of Artmatr. Horowitz spoke about the merging of the old and the new to create great ideas. He also spoke about how our most creative moments come from us getting out of our own head.

Ever get an amazing idea when you’re in the shower, or going on a run? That’s because of a concept called transient hypofrontality, when the front part of your brain breaks down in order to be creative so that old knowledge and new knowledge merge. It allows us to get out of our own way in our mind and create new solutions based on the things we already know. Salvador Dali and other artists used the same concept and they would try to fall asleep holding a ball. As they were about to fall into a deep sleep, the ball would slip out of their hands and hit the floor, waking them up. Those semi-conscious dreams were his source of inspiration. Although I don’t know if I will try the same method, it was definitely interesting to learn how we can stimulate our creative process by doing simple, everyday activities.

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