Athens Resistance - Leah Moss, Andrea Skellie

Athens Resistance


By: Leah Moss and Andrea Skellie

Since the presidential election last fall, ten protests against President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policies have taken place in Athens, Georgia.

The largest of these was the J20 Day of Resistance, which took place on Jan. 20, President Trump’s Inauguration Day. An estimated 4,500 people gathered, with instruments and signs. The signs and chants largely expressed dislike for President Trump, featuring messages such as “He Ain’t My President,” “We Shall Overcomb,” and “You’re Fired.”

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has,” Jesse Houle, coordinator for Athens for Everyone, said at the J20 march in front of City Hall. “Do you believe in resistance? Do you believe in revolution?”

On the same day, a variety of social justice organizations gathered for the UGA Day of Inclusion at the Tate Student Center. Speakers came from groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, the UGA chapter of the National Association of Advancement for Colored People, the Lambda Alliance, the Undocumented Student Alliance and Amnesty International.


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